Recipes for Life

Technolink Association's Community Cookbook
Created and Produced by Ssusan Forte O'Neill

Cherished family recipes and the treasured memories they evoke-with some wisdom for tomorrow stirred in!

The Technolink Association's Community Cookbook RECIPES FOR LIFE is a collection of family stories, recipes and life-lessons to inspire your everyday cooking, dining and living experience. Divided into seven sections, with over 70 recipes, each recipe is authentic, inspiring, mouth-watering-tried and true! From breads and chilis to Pistachio Trout and Mom's Caramel Corn, this will be your go-to-guide for fool-proof delicious and satisfying favorites for your own family. RECIPES FOR LIFE is dedicated to the courageous men and women who have served and are serving in the United States Military.

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A Journey to
Rediscover Your Heart
Remembering Who You Are…

Originally developed as a straightforward workbook for women with playful illustrations by the author, this book presents a comforting approach that nurtures and supports the reader through the challenges that women, of all ages, facing today.

The freedom of new technology has quickly become a myth… leaving many of us on an endless road of unfulfilled emptiness. The cycle of over-committed schedules, the learned habit of busyness—the selling out of our individuality; the loss of creative thinking, and our heartfelt dreams.

This book is an invitation to take a step off the ladder of daily life and to rediscover your very special heart.

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The Story of Herman

The Story of Herman was created to heal one’s soul …as one chooses to explore the lost journey of life.

Sit quietly. Turn everything off and journey through the messages from Herman. Listen to some of your inner most thoughts and feelings. Reach deep inside and discover life’s answers to your soul’s dreams and desires.

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